In this day and age where coaches and healers are popping up left and right, spirituality is hip and happening and we can get all our spiritual needs at big chains like Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/etc. -a good development, we’re waking up!- it is good to be mindful about using something just because it’s ‘spiritual’. What do I mean exactly by this? I’ll explain in a bit.

Now before I start with the different ways that you can cleanse your crystals (or your crystal grid art), I want to shine some light on a little something. Crystals are ancient, formed in the earth over years and years and their energy is strong and pure. In some cases a darker energy can ‘stick’ to a crystal, this does not take away from its deep strength and own vibration. Often times when we feel a crystal isn’t ‘clean’ anymore, it can be the case that it is you who is in a lower energy. So when you have the urge to cleanse a crystal, take an extra moment to check in with yourself and see if maybe it is you who needs some loving energy. Usually that can already make a big difference.



When, after checking in with yourself first, you still feel like you want to cleanse your crystals this is what you can do:

  • Smudging

    The common ways to cleanse crystals is by using the smoke of white sage or palo santo. Right now these plants are being overharvested. Palo Santo is originally harvested from a tree that naturally dies and falls to the earth, however, this is not the case anymore. As demand is going up, suppliers are trying to keep up. And same goes for white sage, which is now an at risk species.

    Luckily for us, there are other plants that also contain these cleansing properties that are much more readily available to us. So instead of buying white sage or palo santo, next time try out: mugwort (grows in the wild in NL), rosemary, common sage, desert sage, lavender, pine or cedar. You can even try out growing white sage yourself, which would be the most sustainable. So please be mindful of these beautiful plants and get creative with your new options! (maybe create your own smudge stick and combine them!)

    When smudging you burn your plant of choice and hold your crystal in the smoke. You can also smudge yourself or anything else, by blowing the smoke on what you want to have cleansed (with your hand or with a feather).

  • The moon

    Every full moon you can place your crystals (or crystal grid) outside or in your windowsill where they can bathe in the full moonlight. Giving them a reset and fully cleansing them. Don’t worry when you miss the exact night, the nights before and after the full moon are also very potent in energy.

  • Earth

    If you have a garden you can bury your crystals in the earth for a day and a night. Especially handy with tumble stones, I wouldn’t recommend this for clusters as they can get dirty, are harder to clean and the crystals in clusters can be more easily damaged. Make sure to mark your spot so you know where to dig once the time has passed! I really like this way of cleansing the crystals as it brings you in contact with the earth, makes your hands dirty and returns them to our Pacha mama.

  • Water

    Be careful with this way of cleansing as some crystals dissolve in water. A simple google search with the name of your crystal + water will clear this up for you. You can hold crystals under running water from your sink (be mindful of the amount of water because this too can be unsustainable), dip them in ocean water or hold them in a little river. This will wash away any negative energy that was still attached to them. Also nice to have as a practice for yourself; washing your hands when you would like to cleanse your energy after a loaded encounter/moment.

  • Energy

    When you have a Reiki or energy healing practice it’s fun to play around with cleansing your crystals using energy. Visualize your crystal(s) in a big white light that dissolves any dark or sticky matter. And send the negative energy back into the earth.


Have fun trying out these cleansing practices! We are all different, so some practices may speak to you more or than others, give yourself the space to discover. Remember that cleansing your crystals is a sacred ritual, and treat it so. Take the time to connect to yourself and your crystals, possibly set an intention and approach it mindfully. This is not something you want to rush through.

With love,

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