Let’s not use the C-word in this article, shall we? 😉 I think we can agree that most of us have had their realities change one way or another recently. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, or hopeless (totally normal!), or you’re looking for a way to support your immune system a little bit more, or maybe even a holistic way to assist the self-healing properties of your body. If one or more of these things are resonating for you; come and dive into the world of crystal healing with me! Crystals can be great tools to support our energetic field, resulting in healing our emotional and physical bodies. I’ve divided these crystals up into two groups, one group of crystals that help support our emotional wellbeing, aiding in times of overwhelm, fear and worries. The other group of crystals is more about the physical body, helping out the immune- and respiratory system. Let’s have a look!



Crystals for emotional wellbeing


Aragonite – Sense of peace

Aragonite helps us slow down when things are getting too much. This is a great crystal in helping you reduce the feeling of overwhelm and stress. Especially when there’s been a sudden growth or change, it brings the situation back to a balanced state. It’s calming when tensions arise and brings about inner peace.


Red Jasper – Grounding

A very grounding crystal, helps to drop back into the body when the mind is taking over. It balances mind, body and soul. Red Jasper also reminds you of your inner strength and helps you become more persistent and resilient. Ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Amazonite – Getting back up

Sometimes life takes us by surprise  and this crystal will support you in getting back on your feet. When things are feeling like there is no way out, it reminds you of your abilities and gives you the assurance that you can get back up. Amazonite brings balance and harmony and protects us from overstimulation. It is an amazing crystal for highly sensitive people and children. It helps reduce feelings of fear, anger and sadness.


Crystals to support the body


Apophyllite – Healing the respiratory system

A crystal that is really good at conducting energy, making it perfect for energy healing. This crystal has a positive effect on the respiratory system (lungs) and the mucous membranes. Next to these physical effects, it is also a calming crystal, reducing feelings of stress, fear and insecurity.

Turquoise – Supporting the immune system

A very healing, cleansing and protecting crystal for the body. Physically it supports the immune system and has antiviral properties. Next to that it brings about inner peace, but is also vitalizing in periods of exhaustion. It helps you get out of the role of the victim and take responsibility for your own happiness.

Unakite  – Self-healing

This crystal stimulates the self-healing properties of the body, supporting in a good recovery after being ill. You are the most powerful being in your own healing journey, and Unakite reminds you of just this. It also is a very grounding and calming crystal.

I truly hope these crystals can bring you some comfort. Carry them with you in your pocket or place them somewhere near you throughout your day. Whenever you need their support you can grab your crystal and let its energy permeate your hand. As you breathe in, carrying this energy deeper and deeper within your body until it has reached every single cell.


With love,

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