Which Claire are you?

Do you hear voices too? Feel feelings that are not yours? Know things you really couldn’t? These things happen to us when our intuition is clear. Clairvoyance is the act of perceiving things beyond the five senses, and we all have this ability.

Claire is French for clear, and she takes on many different forms. There are 7 different ways for us to perceive beyond our ordinary world. We all have at least one that is present within us, dormant or not, but very often we experience a mix of the Claire’s. Which ones do you recognize?

  1. Clairvoyance – clear sight
    When you see scenes, colors, textures, images, sights, or objects.
  1. Clairaudience – clear hearing
    When you hear sounds, words, sentences, music, or lyrics.
  1. Clairsentience – clear sensing
    When you feel sensations in your body like tingling, warmth, pressure or vibrations.
  1. Clairgustance – clear taste
    When you taste things such as sweet, sour, bitter, etc.
  1. Clairempathy – Clear emotions
    When you feel emotions in in your own experience or outside your body like anger, happiness, and peace.
  1. Clairalience – Clear scent
    When you can smell ordors and scents.
  1. Claircognizance – Clear knowing
    When you know from deep within certain truths or they suddenly appear in your consciousness.

I have always had claircognance present within me, knowing certain truths from deep within without being able to explain. One moment that I remember distinctly was when I first went to university, we were all assigned a mentor and from the first assembly I just knew who mine would be. However, when I received my schedule which read the assigned mentors mine said I had someone else. I felt very confused,  I just couldn’t believe it, because I knew that she was going to be my mentor! Later that day I walked into my mentor group's class room and it was her sitting there. Confused I said ‘I think I have the wrong room’, ‘Group 9?’ She asked. ‘Yes’. ‘Then come on in!’ She exclaimed. It was such a funny moment because I remember the distraught sensation when I thought my feelings were off. And then the relief when I found out it was just a mistake in the schedule. But I’ve also experienced moments that were not as light, seeing an image (clairvoyance) and knowing someone wouldn’t be with us anymore at a certain moment in time for example.

My most beautiful experience has been developing my clairaudience. This journey started when I first created my crystal grids. After creation I sat down to receive the message from the crystals. In the beginning this was more wisdom based, going off of the qualities I knew certain crystals had. But soon enough the crystals started speaking to me. Sentences and messages started coming through… I was channeling. Now, the messages come through faster than I can write, it has become like second nature to me. Easy enough, because this is our nature.

When you want to develop these different senses it is important to trust what comes through. Don’t wave anything away as nonsense, random or weird. Maybe even keep a book or note in your phone with the moments you sensed something so you don’t forget. When we start to honor these senses, and especially when we act on them it’s like a muscle getting stronger and stronger every time you use it. Create stillness for your intuition to come through and listen. If this is something that is hard for you know that just by reading about these things, something within you is activated, remembered. These abilities lie within you. Yes, you.

Have you ever experienced any of the Claire’s? If so, which ones? I’d love to know!

With love,

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10 Ways to naturally balance your hormones

When I was studying health science at university 4 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. Luckily I was already aware of the negative side effects of hormonal treatments and decided to heal myself naturally. Next to the energetical work I also dove into the (science backed) things that I could adapt in my daily life to better support my hormonal system and live in more alignment with my inner nature. Here's what has worked for me!

10 Ways to naturally balance your hormones:

  1. Limit artificial (blue) light, try to use candles after sunset and limit any screen time. Melatonin (our sleep hormone) is produced when it gets dark and this causes us to fall asleep more easily. And as our hormonal system has a delicate balance, when our melatonin levels return to their natural balance, this will have a positive effect on our whole endocrine system.
  2. Use natural skincare and make-up. A lot of regular skin care and makeup contain endocrine (hormonal) disruptors, the skin is our largest organ which absorbs all these chemicals into your system. (This includes hand sanitizers!)
  3. Eat organic when you can. Non-organic foods have been treated with pesticides which can disrupt your hormonal balance by acting like estrogen among many other things. Preferred organic products are foods that you don’t have to peel or take the skin off of.
  4. If you do eat meat or eggs, eat organic. When these animals are not fed organically they get a diet of growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified foods that will have it’s take on your hormonal system.
  5. Use (high quality) essential oils. I use essential oils like frankincense and clary sage to balance my hormones. These oils and others that support your cycle health are also in my Intuition blend.
  6. Reduce stress, make self-care part of your life. Stress is one of the biggest hormonal disruptors, so make it your top priority to integrate moments of relaxation and peace into your daily life (in however way this may look for you). Also – coffee is stress. So be mindful with your intake.
  7. Raw cacao every day! This one is my favorite. I start every day with a cup of cacao instead of coffee. Cacao is the biggest natural source of magnesium which acts as a relaxant. Cacao is also known to have a good effect on the endocrine system.
  8. Connect with your womb. Energy is real and when there is trauma/stress stored in your womb this will have an effect on your system. If you have a history of thinking negatively about your womb, cycle and hormones try sending more love and awareness to these areas. Trust in your body’s ability to heal itself. Land in the knowing that your body giving you signals/symptoms is actually your body working the way that it should. Treat them as such.
  9. Find alternatives to hormonal birth control (especially if you are using it to numb your symptoms). We use a combination of condoms and the diaphragm.
  10. Embrace the feminine. Identify if you are suppressing your feminine energy (intuition, receiving, creativity, flowing, softening) and are more present in your masculine energy (studying, doing, working out, achieving, giving), if so, balance these two and embrace the feminine side of you!

Don't lose yourself in the land of supplements and wonder pills. Connect with your womb, your body, and listen. You always know what is best for you.

With love,

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Exercises to protect your energy

How to not leave Ikea feeling drained

Whether you are an empath or not, we all have felt drained after meeting that one friend, going into the city center, or going on that dreaded Ikea visit. Especially when you feel a lot – and so many of us do. Now luckily there are ways to protect our own energy. So we don’t take on other peoples negative energies or the dense energy that can occupy certain places. I’ll explain to you how I do it and give you a bunch of other examples, because everyone is different. It’s really about finding what works for you. So have fun with it, try a few out! The more you do these things the more they become automatic. And when these practices are something you do automatically, that’s when it really starts working! Because then it becomes something you do preventative instead of noticing your energy is being drained, and then doing the exercise. Which is basically like starting with a score of 0-1. To me my energy protection practice has made a huge difference in my life. I can now walk through Ikea without being floored for the rest of the day, and also hold space for friends who are facing difficult times without it completely draining myself which makes me a better friend in return.

How I protect my energy

  • I place myself in a golden bubble, making sure it’s reaching all around me.
  • Then I bring my awareness to my heart center and feel the energy that’s there.
  • I expand this energy that looks like golden light out, until it reaches the edges of my bubble. As the light expands any energies that aren’t mine (they look like black splotches to me) disintegrate and dissolve in my golden light.
  • Now I stand strong within my own energy and nothing else can enter this space.

Other exercises that can have the same effect are

  • Imagine having huge wings that you can wrap around yourself
  • Place an imaginary ‘screen’ between you and another person that stops the energy from latching onto you
  • Envision being surrounded by your spirit guards or guardian angels who are keeping the energies out
  • Place yourself in a big egg that keeps any negative energy from entering
  • Envision your feet being rooted in nature and everything that isn’t yours being absorbed by the earth

These are just a couple of examples. The point really is to find a way that works for you. So maybe you combine my ‘heart expanding energy’-thing with the ‘wing wrapping’-thing, it doesn’t really matter. There is no right or wrong way here, there is only your way. The trick is to keep trying until something clicks for you.

A mantra I use that also helps me greatly is ‘not mine not mine not mine’. When I can sense heavy energies and I have my golden bubble all set up, I repeat this mantra to remind my system that this is not my energy.

When you are interacting with someone else who is carrying a very heavy energy but you still want to connect with them there is an amazing exercise I do which expands from the golden bubble.

  • I picture myself in a void, where I have my golden bubble all set up (as explained before).
  • I envision the other person across from me and give them their own golden bubble (with the light expanding from the heart).
  • Then a golden cord moves up from the crown of their head and reaches the higher self of that person (an entity of light).
  • I ask the higher self if I can make contact with them and await their answer.
  • If it’s a yes (it usually is), I envision a golden beam of light coming from my heart centre.
  • Another golden beam of light is coming from the higher self of that person.
  • The golden light beams connect and through this beam you can send the other person love, hugs, energy, messages, anything.
  • When you leave evision the lightbeams contracting back to you and the higher self of the other person to disconnect again.

In this way you honor the other person by meeting them in their purest form and being able to see them for the light being they really are. It also helps you to not carry their heaviness with you and gives you a very solid moment of connecting and then after that disconnecting.

What are your favorite ways to protect your energy? I'd love to hear!

With love,


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Am I really a woman?

I was standing in the train station as my world shattered. ‘You can have children.’ I heard the doctor say. ‘When you want to get pregnant you can skip the waitlist at the hospital and straight away start hormone treatments.’ She continued, not realizing the effect her words were having on me. And the inappropriateness of telling me this as I stood there waiting for my train to arrive. She kept saying practical things and how I could just go on the pill and I would barely even notice any effects of PCOS on my body but my mind was somewhere else in that moment. As we hung up I started panicking, the whole train ride home all these fears crossed my mind ‘I can’t go on the pill, I’ll get depressed again’, ‘will I get cervical cancer (one of the risks my doctor briefly mentioned)’, ‘will I ever be able to get pregnant naturally’, ‘what if these dark hairs on my chin will turn into a full on goatee’, and so on, and so on, and so on. Luckily at the time me and Alessandro had been dating for a couple of months - it was still very early in our relationship, really. And when I called him he immediately brought me back to myself; he told me about the beautiful babies we would have one day, what a great mother I would become and that I would be able to get through this. I was diagnosed with PCOS, which comes in many forms but for me it means I have too high levels of testosterone (the male hormone), which causes for me to not reach ovulation regularly and have very few menstruations. And with few ovulations come smaller chances of getting pregnant of course and a higher risk of getting cervical cancer as you don’t have the monthly ‘cleanse’. Next to these big things a lot of small not so nice inconveniences arise like hormonal acne, darker hair growth and a decrease of libido. They discovered this through an ultrasound when I got off the pill (because it made me depressed) and got a copper IUD put in.

With all the yoga, self-work and healing I had done, man, it was still so hard for me to hear this message. Of course when you hear you can’t -naturally- get pregnant as a woman your fears pop up and make you think that maybe, just maybe, you are then not worthy of being a woman. But luckily I knew the negative side effects that the pill would have on me if I continued taking it, not targeting the root of my issue, but rather serving as a band aid that would hold my gaping, blood gushing wound together. And, luckily I knew that my body has immense self-healing properties. Especially around the area of the womb, which is so infinitely connected to our emotions, traumas and past hurts. Usually more so than actual physiological issues.

So here I stood; raw, scared, but I gathered all my courage and I started my journey of naturally healing my womb. And this isn’t a story about how I magically healed myself as I floated away on a cloud to nirvana. No. This is a story of looking within, going to the pain, to my trauma’s. And then through that experiencing immense differences in the frequency of my cycles. I’ve had periods of regular cycles for months and months after a big energetical release where my gynecologist even said that I was ‘magically’ cured. But as life is like a river that keeps on flowing, I also get invited again and again by the universe to dive deeper in my lessons, to heal, more. So my cycle stops flowing, telling me I’m moving too fast, too much. Whenever this happens I hold space for my body, listen to what it has to tell me, and I act. I honor myself. Again and again. Over the years I have gained this huge toolbox of what has helped me heal and flow, and I’m ready to share this with who feels they need it too. I’m ready to hold this space of healing for other beautiful women, because if I’ve learned one thing it is that so many of us are walking around with these issues. Maybe yours looks very different from mine, but we all hold these things in our wombs that want to come to the light. And I’ve noticed the immensely healing effect it has on me when I just hear other women sharing their stories. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. Together we heal, together we rise.

Are you feeling the calling? Our 3-month journey to womb healing: CRYSTALS + RITUALS is starting October 1st on the full harvest moon. Learn more here.


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Arogonite crystal

6 Crystals to support us through these times

Let’s not use the C-word in this article, shall we? ;) I think we can agree that most of us have had their realities change one way or another recently. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, or hopeless (totally normal!), or you’re looking for a way to support your immune system a little bit more, or maybe even a holistic way to assist the self-healing properties of your body. If one or more of these things are resonating for you; come and dive into the world of crystal healing with me! Crystals can be great tools to support our energetic field, resulting in healing our emotional and physical bodies. I’ve divided these crystals up into two groups, one group of crystals that help support our emotional wellbeing, aiding in times of overwhelm, fear and worries. The other group of crystals is more about the physical body, helping out the immune- and respiratory system. Let’s have a look!



Crystals for emotional wellbeing


Aragonite – Sense of peace

Aragonite helps us slow down when things are getting too much. This is a great crystal in helping you reduce the feeling of overwhelm and stress. Especially when there’s been a sudden growth or change, it brings the situation back to a balanced state. It’s calming when tensions arise and brings about inner peace.


Red Jasper – Grounding

A very grounding crystal, helps to drop back into the body when the mind is taking over. It balances mind, body and soul. Red Jasper also reminds you of your inner strength and helps you become more persistent and resilient. Ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Amazonite – Getting back up

Sometimes life takes us by surprise  and this crystal will support you in getting back on your feet. When things are feeling like there is no way out, it reminds you of your abilities and gives you the assurance that you can get back up. Amazonite brings balance and harmony and protects us from overstimulation. It is an amazing crystal for highly sensitive people and children. It helps reduce feelings of fear, anger and sadness.


Crystals to support the body


Apophyllite – Healing the respiratory system

A crystal that is really good at conducting energy, making it perfect for energy healing. This crystal has a positive effect on the respiratory system (lungs) and the mucous membranes. Next to these physical effects, it is also a calming crystal, reducing feelings of stress, fear and insecurity.

Turquoise – Supporting the immune system

A very healing, cleansing and protecting crystal for the body. Physically it supports the immune system and has antiviral properties. Next to that it brings about inner peace, but is also vitalizing in periods of exhaustion. It helps you get out of the role of the victim and take responsibility for your own happiness.

Unakite  - Self-healing

This crystal stimulates the self-healing properties of the body, supporting in a good recovery after being ill. You are the most powerful being in your own healing journey, and Unakite reminds you of just this. It also is a very grounding and calming crystal.

I truly hope these crystals can bring you some comfort. Carry them with you in your pocket or place them somewhere near you throughout your day. Whenever you need their support you can grab your crystal and let its energy permeate your hand. As you breathe in, carrying this energy deeper and deeper within your body until it has reached every single cell.


With love,

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Your cheat sheet to crystal healing

The world of crystals can be overwhelming -I’ve been there-, there are so many beautiful pieces out there, but how do you know which ones to work with? What helped me understand crystals better was when I started looking into how they relate to the chakras. This helps put them in bigger overlaying themes, which in turn makes it easier for you to know which crystal to turn to in times of need!

Chakra’s are energy centers in the body, they represent different emotional healing themes that you can work with. Each chakra has their own color, this color is the greatest tool we can use when working with crystals. Let’s take the first chakra as an example! The emotional healing theme (grounding) is the same for the red (base) chakra and most red crystals, so this gives us a good indication of what kind of energy a crystal carries. Of course this isn’t true in all cases, but when we just start working with crystals this is the foundation we can build and learn from.


Home within


Muladhara – The base chakra

The first chakra is red and located at the base of the spine. This chakra is most present during the first 7 years of your life. This chakra is the base of your system, grounding you into the earth. Its themes are stability, trust, security, feeling at home within yourself, grounding and life force or vitality.

Corresponding crystals

The main colors associated with this chakra and these themes are red, brown and black.

Such as: Red jasper, agate, smoky quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, onyx, garnet, petrified wood, obsidian and ruby.



Svadhistana – The sacral chakra

The second chakra is orange and located at the center of your lower belly. You move through this chakra from age 8 till 14. This is the center of creativity and pleasure and this chakra is connected to the element water. Themes for the sacral chakra are fertility, sensuality, creative expression, pleasure, intuition and feeling connected to the moon.

Corresponding crystals

The crystal color for this chakra is orange.

Such as: Moonstone, carnelian, orange calcite and coral.



Manipura – The solar plexus chakra

Our third chakra is yellow and sits right above the navel in the upper part of your belly. From 15 until we are 21 is when we move through its energy. Connected to the element fire, this is our powerhouse and from where we let ourselves shine. Themes for this chakra are willpower, expansion, self-esteem, sharing your gifts with the world, joy, optimism, self-worth and energy.

Corresponding crystals

Look for yellow or gold crystals when working with these themes.

Such as: Citrine, gold, tiger’s eye, gold topaz, amber and yellow aventurine.



Anahata – The heart chakra

This fourth chakra is green and is located in our heart center. When we are 22 until the age of 28 is when we move through this chakra. This chakra governs all matters of the heart. It also connects the lower three chakra’s (body and emotions) to the three higher ones (mind and spirit), transforming and integrating their lessons into higher vibrations. This chakra vibrates with love for all that is, including yourself. Its themes are love, self-acceptance, self-love, relationships, empathy, acceptance and openness.

Corresponding crystals

The color green and pink represent the themes of the heart chakra.

Such as: Jade, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, kunzite, aventurine, peridot, green or pink tourmaline, rhodonite, emerald and moss agate.



Vishuddi – The throat chakra

The fifth chakra is blue and located in our throat. We move through its energy from age 29 to 35. It is from where we communicate with others and speak our truth. It is from where we create consciously (as opposed to the intuitive creation of the second chakra). The themes are communication, understanding, calmness, clarity, self-expression, truth and independence.

Corresponding crystals

Light blue colored crystals (and some darker blue ones) are connected to the themes of the throat chakra.

Such as: Aquamarine, blue chalcedony, celestine, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise and blue calcite.



Ajna – The third eye chakra

Your sixth chakra is indigo colored (royal blue) and located behind the space in between the eyebrows. At age 36 until 42 we move through the energies connected to this chakra. Our inner wisdom comes from this energy center. Its themes are insight, intuition, spiritual awakening, imagination and connection to the spiritual world.

Corresponding crystals

Crystals with a dark blue color and some purple crystals are connected to the third eye chakra.

Such as: Lapiz lazuli, purple fluorite, amethyst, sodalite, blue or indigo sapphire, azurite and blue apatite.


Sahasrara – The crown chakra

The seventh and final chakra is violet colored and is located at the top of the head. We energetically move through this chakra when we are 43 to 49 years old. This is where we are one with all. All the energies of the chakra’s move up the spine and culminate here, resulting in spiritual awakening. The themes of this chakra are awareness, higher consciousness, connectedness to all, deep wisdom, divine connection, purification, magic, mystery and freedom.

Corresponding crystals

All purple, white or colorless crystals work on the crown chakra.

Such as: Amethyst, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, apophyllite, selenite, lepidolite, white agate and petalite.

So when there are certain themes coming up in your life, you can always return to this cheat sheet and easily see what crystals will be a sure hit to work with. The more you start to work with your crystals, the more you’ll dive into its subtleties, let this process flow naturally.  See this information as a rock-solid (yes, I made a punny) foundation to play and learn from. Have fun exploring!

With love,

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Creating your sacred home altar

A home altar, a sacred space to connect within, can be such an important addition to your home. It’s a place where you can honor those who are important to you, whisper an intention into the world at the start of your day or perform a sacred ritual.


My personal home altar is this old desk my mother used to do her homework on when she was little. The crystal wand I made myself from a stick I found in my garden in Australia (back when I called this place home), there is one crystal for every chakra and the tip is made of herkimer diamond.


Your altar can be anywhere, but preferably in a place you often find yourself, serving as a reminder to find connection throughout your day. You can set up your altar on a cabinet, a table, a little stool or even in your windowsill. Really, do not let lack of a place to set up hold you back and just begin with what you have in your house right now. Of course you can use any material you feel intuitively drawn to, but you can keep your zodiac sign in mind when creating your altar as well. If you are born under a fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) or earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) element, an altar created from wood connects you to your element. Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) elements can use any kind of cloth, a purple cloth, for instance, is used for spiritual fulfillment.


The four elements represented on my altar; an acorn for earth, a candle for fire, a feather for air and a seashell for water.

By having the four elements present on your altar you call in all energies of the earth, creating a balanced space.

Water - For movement, intuition, and fertility. Represented by water in a bowl or a seashell.

Fire - For passion, life-force, and transformation. Represented by candles, charcoal or incense.

Earth - For grounding, steadiness, and rest. Represented by sand, salt, an acorn, pine, stone, wood or flowers.

Air - For spirituality, freedom, and communication. Represented by feathers, incense or a burning candle


My altar has a lot of feathers, representing the element air, as this is my missing element in my natal chart (in astrology).


A Thai Buddhist amulet, or votive tablet, hangs from my altar.


There are many symbolic items you can have present on your altar. Think of a picture of a loved one, a souvenir from your travels, family jewelry or inspiring artworks. Anything that brings meaning to your life can be present on your altar, anything representing something you want to keep a connection to.


A rosequartz crystal grid sits at the foundation of my altar, inviting in unconditional love.


Some common symbolic items:

Feathers – These gifts from the sky will entice angels to come visit us, invoking angelic energy. They can also represent the spiritual meaning of the bird they originated from.

Ganesha – Symbolises wisdom and protection of travelers.

A bowl of water – Helps you move through difficult emotions

Crystals – In whatever flavor you’d like, there’s one for every need.

A bowl of basil – Supports fertility when you’re looking to get pregnant.

Hamsa hand – For protection

Candles – you can write down a wish or intention on the side of a candle and let it burn, with the flames traveling up into the ether ready to be received by the universe. A candle can also be used to commemorate someone you’ve lost, bringing strength and support. It is possible to use coloured candles to represent specific themes. Pink, for instance, is for love, green for wealth, and silver for pregnancy and motherhood. A white candle is neutral and always a good choice, representing purity and peace.


The prayer statue in the middle is filled with little gemstones I received from a palmreader in Australia, to protect me on my travels. The celestine sphere at the top helps connect to the divine realms and it is surrounded by little buddha figurines I received as gifts over the years (as you are always only supposed to be gifted buddhas).


Always remember that the power of an altar doesn’t lie in its symbols, it’s rather the intention you bring to it, the intention you carry forth from your heart. Your altar is a place you can come to every day, bringing mindfulness into your life. Don’t get stuck in the precise symbolic meaning of every little thing, and just let it be a space where you can come to connect within.

Enjoy creating this sacred space in your home! And don’t forget to share your results with me, I’d love to check them out!

With love,

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lifes+path+lifes+journey+living+in+flow+overcoming+fear (1)

On fear and living in flow with life

How do you know you are walking your path?

Our bodies are incredibly smart and are not afraid to tell us when we are not walking our path. When you are going in the wrong direction in life your system will do it’s very best to let you know. You fall and stumble, generally just being very clumsy. You hurt yourself, get an injury. You feel tired all the time, get sick or maybe even find yourself in a burnout all of a sudden. When these things happen it is best to thank our bodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being wise, for showing me the way, for taking care of me when I couldn’t. It is in this surrender, that things will start to soften.




When we are walking our path you’ll notice being in a state of flow. Of course you put effort and energy in the things you’re creating, but it gives you energy in return as well. There will be ‘coincidences’ happening all the time (there are no coincidences), it’ll seem like life just comes easy to you. Amazing opportunities will arise and you’ll meet just the right people, at just the right time. This is the universe collaborating with you, this is the expression of the divine through you. The whole world is a happier place when you choose to express your gifts, and it’ll do its very best to support you when you do.

But how do you get from one to the other?

A question I have pondered a lot, and I don’t have the one answer for you here. All I can offer you is my experience within this journey. What I have found is that finding your path, your passion, your life’s mission, starts with curiosity. Chasing the things that make your heart jump from happiness, as that’s where your magic lies. Look at the things you loved to do as a kid (but maybe was told it’s not good enough, pretty enough, sensible enough). Heck, for all I know you loved building treehouses and your heart is asking you to please do this forever and ever. Follow this. Trust it. And if you were ever waiting for someone’s permission to do so, here you have it. I give you permission to follow your heart. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer, we were made to have fun. We are allowed to enjoy the things we do. So let’s!


lifes+path+lifes+journey+living+in+flow+overcoming+fear (1)


When you know your thing, and usually deep down you already know - Yes! The thing that popped in your mind just now! -, it takes courage to choose this path. Having the courage to really choose ourselves and our own happiness (and trusting that the universe collaborates when you do). It takes looking your deepest fears in the eyes, saying: ‘I see you. I acknowledge you. You are allowed to be here. But I’m gonna do this anyway.’ Because when you start to walk your path, everything else will fall into place. And the moment you make this decision (and really put it into action) you’ll see that so many of your fears will fade away. Our minds can make things much bigger than they ever really will be, trust me, I’ve been in this exact place. And for me, making this decision was the best thing I could’ve ever done.

We are all lovingly waiting for your gifts to be expressed. The world is meant to exist with them in it.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

I believe in you,

p.s. Know that you are allowed to evolve, your path can twist and turn as your heart flutters from one love into another. Always tune in to the truth of this moment. What has worked at one point may not work anymore, and that is okay. What is working now? What brings you joy right now?


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Healers that transformed my life

This is a list of the beautiful people that I’ve had the luck of crossing paths with over the past few years. All of them have touched my heart and have been an integral and important part of my healing and wellness journey. If ever you are at a loss of where to go or who to turn to, I can highly recommend getting in touch with any of the people listed below. I hope their presence will bring you the same amount of light and peace as it has for me.



Most of these people are Amsterdam based, but you can connect with them from all over the world. Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here are my favorite healers;

Albert Garcia Ordinas – Massage, Reiki and Yoga

When Albert and I first met we immediately spilled our hearts out to one another. It’s easy to see that part of myself in him that is within all of us, that part where we are all one. When he gave me a massage (which was wonderful in and of itself) I had a big emotional release. He truly works on the deeper energetical layers of the body, creating movement in your energy field so the body can heal itself.

Where to find Albert

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.albertgarciaordinas.com / @albertgarciaordinas


Clara – Energy healing, Guided meditations and Telepathy

Whenever I’m in Bali, or anyone I know is in Bali, I send them to Clara. My first time on the Island She gave me an energy healing and without speaking a word she wrote 2 pages full with information about my life, where to grow, patterns from past lives and messages from my spirit guides. A few days later I took her course Telepathic animal communication which has taught me so much about my intuition, and how to trust the messages coming through. A magical, transformative, soul.

Where to find Clara

Offline: Bali

Online: www.claraenergyhealing.com / @clara_energyhealing

Ellen Duim – Palmistry

A couple of years ago I found Ellen through an article in Happinez and took her long-awaited (online) basic course in Palmistry. She was only teaching a 4-year program before, so this 12-week program was a great introduction. She truly is the best of the best, very clear and precise in her readings and her teachings are calm and filled with wisdom. If you want to dive into this world with her you can start by reading her beautiful book ‘Het Handleesboek’ (in Dutch).

Where to find Ellen

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.ellenduim.nl / @ellenduim.handanalyse

Eugénie van Gaver – Acupuncture and Yoga

Eugénie is a very skilled acupuncturist, having studied in one of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in China and now sharing her light with us here in Amsterdam. She is definitely not your average acupuncturist as she also works the body energetically and incorporates whatever her intuition tells her your soul needs in that moment. I’m in love with her grounded energy and feel very lucky to call her a dear friend.

Where to find Eugénie

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: @efrequencies / www.healingvia.com

Leneth Witte / The spiritual Fem – Women circles and Inspiring podcasts

If I were to describe Leneth, I would say that she is a gatherer. A gatherer of souls, a connector of hearts. When I was interviewed for her podcast we instantly became friends. She is one of those people with such a pure heart, truly making a difference in this world with her vulnerability. Visit one of her (online) women’s circles if you’re looking for some connection or community.

Where to find Leneth

Offline: Leiden

Online: www.thespiritualfem.com / @Thespiritualfem

Marieke Pouw / Pouwerhealth – Shamanic healing, Energy healing and Spiritual activations

I really hope I have done her justice in these few words to describe what it is Marieke actually does. When I first met Marieke she gave me a shamanic energy healing, which was for me a big tipping point in life as this was the moment I realized I wanted to start creating crystal grids! I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I hadn’t walked through her doors that day. I always say, when you need a little kick in the life-butt, go to Marieke!

Where to find Marieke

Offline: Siwa oasis, Egypt and Amsterdam

Online: www.pouwerhealth.com / @Marieke_pouwerhealth

Massage Marin – Massage

Whenever I really want to treat myself I book a massage at Massage Marin. They are focused on deeper bodywork as they also offer Reiki, Foot reflexology and other practices. Even if you book a normal relaxation massage, you can feel they are working the body energetically as well. I always book with Eefke who brings me right back into my body every time, I love how she incorporates the breath as she releases blockages from my body.

Where to find Massage Marin

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.massagemarin.nl / @massage.marin

Merle Kolf / Soul Home – Foot reflexologist and Soulful stylist

I first came to Merle expecting a nice foot reflexology session but left with so much more. This woman takes the time to fully be present with you and allows all parts of you to be. We talked for such a long time about life, lessons and wisdom and I left feeling so inspired. Also, the reflexology itself was amazing, I truly LOVE foot massages but can be very picky, Merle delivers with perfect pressure (not too light) and space to fully release and relax.

Where to find Merle

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.praktijkgoedontmoet.nl @merlesoulhome


Nicole Struwer / Mme Formtastica – Tarot readings

Nicole is the owner of the amazing online spiritual shop House of Formlab, which is the place to be for all your spiritual needs. But a lot of people don’t know she also gives tarot readings. Last February we joined forces when I had my pop-up store and she gave tarot readings the whole day long. The puffy eyes of the people leaving the booth said it all, she’ll bring you magical insights that are spot on. She lives and breathes magic, and her background story is a very special one. My witchy mama, I’m a richer person having you in my life!

Where to find Nicole

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.housofformlab.com / @house_of_formlab

Roel Wilbers – Physical therapy, Meditation & Coaching

Yes, Roel! Such an amazing physical therapist who also looks at the energetical layers behind your physical ailments. Something I have missed SO MUCH in western medicine. So not to fix your problem momentarily, but really allowing for you to get to the root and leaving it behind forever. He doesn’t always tell this, but he gives his patients healings as well and is just the most wonderful person you can imagine. Next to this, he’s also a meditation teacher and coach and I always say he’s the perfect bridge translating spirituality to down-to-earth practices.

Where to find Roel

Offline: Amsterdam (Sento)

Online: www.roelwilbers.nl / @meditatie.amsterdam

Savine Tellier – (Self) love coach

Pure sunshine is the first word that comes up when I think of Savine, and when you meet her you’ll immediately understand why. She has a way of breaking down all the walls we’ve built around us with a simple smile. Connecting from the heart has never been easier and in her healing and coaching sessions she reminds you of the greatness inside of you.

Where to find Savine

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: www.savinetellier.com / @savinetellier

Wil Zwart – Family constellations and Coaching

One of the most transformational moments of my life I have experienced during one of Wil’s family constellations. They are in dutch, so speaking dutch is necessary. I feel that at a certain point in your healing journey you’ve talked and analyzed and done all the things, and you reach a plateau. In a family constellation you get the chance to embody and live out what’s going on within, and this process was extremely healing to me. Things that I never knew about my past suddenly made sense, and I was able to close a big chapter of my past. Wil has a way of feeling the room, asking the right questions at the right moment. But trying to explain it here is quite impossible. I’d say if you feel drawn, go.

Where to find Wil

Offline: Doorn and Soest

Online: Authentic as she is, Wil doesn’t have a website, nor Instagram. But you can message me to get her phone number so you can book a session with her. She believes the people that need her, will find her, and they do!

With love,

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How to use oracle cards + my favorite decks

When I was younger I remember pulling angel cards with my mother, in moments where we wanted to have clarity, or sometimes just for fun. You see my mother is a medium, a woman that sees, feels and hears ‘more‘, as we would say. This was a lot of fun in my teenage years growing up as you can imagine. Coming home she would ask me ‘’so, who’s this blonde guy you’re seeing?’’, without her ever having the possibility of knowing about this blonde guy! Luckily I have gotten away with a few escapes through the window (don’t  tell her;)), and also I have learned a valuable thing or two with her as my mom. One of these things is when pulling an oracle card, to always pick it with your left hand. The left side of the body is the intuitive, feminine side. Picking a card with your left hand will help your rational mind (right side) to stay out of the matter.



In my practice I incorporate card pulling almost always. I use different decks when giving Reiki healings, crystal grid workshops and sometimes even have my students pick a card after a yoga class. And in our home, almost every transition, every difficult question comes paired with an oracle card. Having the practice of pulling oracle cards can help nudge you in the right direction. They are messages from the universe to help you trust in what you intuitively already know. I’ll give an example; after a Reiki healing I always sit down with my client and talk about the things that came up during the healing. There is space to process and often times there’s a strong theme coming through. Now it is one thing to hear me tell you what I have felt and what could be a healing next step and having that resonate with you, but it is something totally else to then pull a card which exactly confirms what was just talked about. At a lack of a more elegant way of putting it: It’s a slap in the face by the universe letting you know that it is time to work on that shit. But most importantly, it is their way of telling you that they have got things covered ‘upstairs’, you can lean into the learning, this is the right next step.

Pick your deck

When you have different card decks at home you can try and feel which deck is the right one for that moment. Let your intuition guide you here, and if that sounds a little vague; try and see if there is a specific deck that keeps popping up in your mind, or catch your eyes just wanting to return to one deck. I will link a few of my favorite decks below, these are the ones I return to again and again.

When you’ve chosen your deck it is time to pick a card! This is how I do it:

Shuffle your deck mindfully and with awareness, then knock on the deck 3 times while saying your name (or the person’s name you’re pulling a card for). This will let your energy sink into the cards. If there is a card that falls out of the deck while you’re shuffling it; this card has a message for you. Don’t put it back but see what it has to tell you!

Now spread the cards out evenly and ask your question or state what you would like guidance in (i.e. ‘‘How should I go through this next phase in my life?’’ or ‘‘What is my lesson in this situation?’’). Don’t be afraid to get specific, this helps! Hover your left hand above the cards. You can first go over all the cards and then feel if your hand is magnetically pulled in a direction. Other signs are a warm feeling in your hand, tingling sensations or the feeling of ‘wind’ blowing, etc. For me usually one of my fingers starts twitching when it’s above the right card, this is different for everyone though so stay open for the little signs. What works for me might work differently for you so don’t get blindsided by how you ‘should’ do it, feel what works for you!

Grab the card that speaks to you, don’t overthink it too much.

You can start by picking one card, but if you’re feeling a little fancy you can also do a spread. A very famous one is the past-present-future spread, where you pick one card for -you guessed it- the past, present and future. Giving you insights in where you came from, what process you are in at this moment and what you are moving towards. Know that spreads like this don’t predict the future, they will only tell you what you are moving towards in this moment, you are always in control to change this. Simply by becoming aware of your future path, already changes its destiny. It is up to you if you want to keep course or take action. In the booklets of the card decks are most often also different spreads you can do with your cards, I’d say play around with these and don’t be afraid to experiment.

My favorite decks:

  • Wild unknown animal spirit deck

    This deck is a powerful deck filled with spirit animals. Next to finding the otter as my very own spirit animal, it has also held up a mirror in my less graceful moments plenty of times. When I’m in the fearful rabbit energy it is not afraid tell me exactly that, reminding me I can be better. Next to their guidance it is also a lot of fun to me to keep discovering different spirit animals and their meanings.

  • Magical Messages from the fairies

    Now this deck, funnily enough, is a deck that is more Alessandro’s (my partner) than mine. For some reason whenever he pulls cards from this deck they are just always so spot on. As I feel like a bit of a fairy too sometimes (I have the ears to fill the part), I like to think us fairies are just very much attracted to- and in tune with this guy. Next to this, this card deck by Doreen Virtue is just amazing. The look is charmingly and slightly outdated, and all the fairy illustrations are definitely a dream.

  • Inner Compass cards

    The Inner Compass cards are the cards I use during all crystal grid workshops. They are beautifully illustrated in a very minimalistic way and totally have their own vibe to them. Definitely the deck you want to get for the modern mystic in your life (and maybe that’s you ;)).

  • Inner compass cards - love deck

    By the same creatress, Neel van Lierop, this new deck came out just recently. A beautiful edition all about love and relationships in the broadest sense of the word with the same modern design.

  • Dreamy moons affirmation cards

    This deck is slightly different from the others. Instead of a short message and a longer description in the booklet, these cards only hold affirmations. Affirmations are sentences you say as if they are already happening, as if they are already reality. By saying these affirmations you can manifest these realities in your life! Super powerful and fun to start your day with on the right tone.

  • Kuan Yin Oracle

    A new deck in my collection by Alana Fairchild. I have the pocket edition, which is super nice to take with you while traveling. This deck is guided by messages from the divine feminine. A heart-opening deck leading you to a place of inner peace.

  • Pagan otherworlds tarot

    If you’re feeling like you want to step up your game in this area, tarot cards are the way to go! A whole different ball game as there’s a sacred system behind them, but very fun to dive into if this is sparking something from within you. The pagan otherworlds by Uusi is the deck I have and is just beyond beautiful. It also comes with a nice booklet helping you discover the meaning behind the cards. Another nice deck to start with is the traditional waite deck and a book that explains it all very well is Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea.

Now if you don’t have a deck with you right now and feel called to pull a card, here’s your digital fix!Ask for guidance from the cards and notice which one you feel intuitively drawn to. Scroll down to see the meaning of your card! (These are from the Kuan Yin Oracle card deck)


Happy card pulling to you all!

With love,

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