Crystal Healing

A Reiki infused healig using powerful crystals to activate the self-healing properties of your body.
A Reiki infused healig using powerful crystals to activate the self-healing properties of your body.


What can you expect?

For 1,5 hours you are safely held, in this time I’m holding space for you to surrender and open. In this healing you will experience the abundant depth and power of the crystals in combination with essential oils, sound- and Reiki healing. These tools together create a warm bath in which you are open to receive the energy on a deeper level. A lot can come to the surface during a healing, we give everything space to be seen, felt and released. The crystals have a beautiful way of showing and empowering your true essence, always reminding you of the light that resides within.

Next to feeling recharged and aligned there are many reasons why people come for a healing. Like an overall feeling of wellbeing, but also to release trauma, for better sleep, hormonal balance or to feel connected to yourself. With physical ailments, I like to explore the energetical blockages behind them and together with the crystals help release those.

See below for reviews – Personal investment is €111 for 1,5 hours
I have a maximum of 5 crystal healings a month

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About Caressa

I come from a family of healers, my mother for example, was a medium and Reiki Master. And from a young age I knew I had a healing touch and wanted to share this with others. In 2016 to 2017, after a beautiful experience that visually opened the energetic world for me, I studied with, and was initiated as a Reiki Master. Recently I’ve studied with mentors supporting me to create a strong foundation in my energy work, deepening my knowledge in crystal healing as well as Reiki. With an insatiable curiosity I continue to learn and gain more and more tools that help me on this path like palmistry, reflexology, tarot, essential oils, natural healing, women’s health, astrology and yoga. It’s very important to me that you feel safe, carried and seen and I would be honored to open the space of healing for you.

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