EARTHING - A 3-month journey to ground yourself and land into BEING
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EARTHING - A 3-month journey to ground yourself and land into BEING
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There is so much to gain from earthing (or grounding) yourself, like...

• Your dreams and ideas take root and actually come to fruition

• Feeling more centered and confident within yourself

• Finally living in the present moment instead of in your head

• A bigger sense of happiness and wellbeing

• Feeling safe and like you belong here

Embark on this 3-month earthing journey where you’ll learn how to firmly ground yourself and live more in your center.

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“This journey has brought me back to myself in ways I didn’t expect. It helped me to get to know myself on a level that is deeper than I’ve experienced before, I’ve discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. The monthly package arriving at my door, the amazing women I shared this journey with and the connection I felt with them made it even more magical.This was probably the best thing that I did for myself this year.”

— Roby, Leiden

What's included

For 3 months you’ll receive a beautiful crystal ritual package on your doorstep. Every month we move through a theme to connect with our inner + outer nature and perform a sacred crystal ritual. Next to this abundant package you’ll be a part of our exclusive Instagram community and have acces to:

• A live guided forest bath w/ Eefje Ludwig from The Forest Bathing Circle to immerse in your favorite place in nature
• Reiki (distance) healings
• Monthly yoga class
• Guided meditations as part of the rituals
• Monthly introductory podcast episodes and expert interviews
• Opening and closing ceremony
• Sharing circles
• Many bonus meditations, nature therapy sessions and grounding practices

Are you ready to ground yourself and land into BEING?

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Immerse yourself in nature therapy

Crystals are one of mother nature’s most precious offerings from deep within the earth, and what better way is there to find a deeper sense of grounding than through using them in sacred crystal rituals? This is a journey that will bring you closer to yourself. Release your worries of yesterday and tomorrow and arrive into the present moment. Connect deeper to your own body – your portal to this earth – and land into a sense of oneness, a sense of belonging deep within. This is for you if you long for more time spent in nature, if you feel like you’re always floating and need more grounding, and if you want to invite more sacred moments into your daily life.

See below for more reviews of previous CRYSTALS + RITUALS participants.

We start May 1st, right after the full supermoon, embarking on this deeply grounding journey.


Book your earthing journey.

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Previous participants have said to spend 2-3 hours on average a week on this journey.

The crystal ritual will be performed once every month, which can take from 30mins up to 1 hour. After this there is a smaller version of the ritual you can perform daily, weekly, or whenever you want to tap back into this energy. This smaller ritual doesn’t have to be more than 5mins.

There will be a 30min yoga class available every month, which you can repeat however much you’d like.

The monthly podcast, meditations and reiki healings will take up about 1-2hours weekly.

The opening-, sharing-, and closing circles, as well as the forest bathing session, approximately take 3 hours.

It’s possible to make the personal investment of €111 monthly or make a one-time payment of €333. However, in certain cases I’m willing to take a look at other pay-in-terms possibilities, you can always contact me about this.

The forest bath, as well as the opening-, sharing-, and closing circles, will be recorded and available for replay, so don’t worry if you can’t make it in that moment!

Meditations, and other live moments through Instagram will also be saved to IGTV and will be available for replays whenever you might need them.

You have acces to the Instagram sisterhood and all it’s content for the full 3 months plus one extra month to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

Your crystal ritual packages you will have for ever, so these are sacred moments you can tap into for the rest of your life.

Not at all. In fact, this journey is perfect for you! You will be fully guided on this journey to hold space for yourself and to go within. If you’ve ever felt lost and don’t really know how to find a sense of grounding, this is the place for you. You will be handed all the tools and held in a safe container to unravel all your layers.

No, you can participate from all over the world! Also the forest bath, which will be guided LIVE by Eefje from The forest bathing circle, will be from your own favorite place in nature. All you need is a good internet connection to come along.