A 3-month journey to heal your womb.
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A 3-month journey to heal your womb.
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Do you ever feel...

• Emotionally or hormonally out of balance

• Disconnected from your womb

• Like it’s hard for you to be intimate

You are not alone!

Embark on this 3-month journey where you’ll receive many tools to hold space to heal your womb.

Maybe you’ve experienced trauma, loss, hormonal disbalance, or maybe you feel like you’re just not unlocking the infinite potential that lies in your sacred womb. This journey is for anyone who wants to create a deeper connection with their womb and hold space for healing.


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What's included

For 3 months you’ll receive a beautiful crystal ritual package on your doorstep. Every month we move through a theme to unfold a journey of deep womb healing and perform a sacred crystal ritual. Next to this package you’ll be a part of our exclusive Instagram sisterhood which will hold space for:

• Reiki healings
• A monthly yoga class for womb healing
• Meditation
• Podcast episodes
• Private online cacao ceremony w/ Britta Waechter
• Online sharing circle

Are you ready to connect to this sacred part of yourself?

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A rising of the divine feminine

For years my womb has been an important part of my healing journey, from not honoring this sacred space, to feeling out of balance and depressed due to the pil, being diagnosed with PCOS and embarking on a natural healing journey. I have experienced the biggest changes in my cycle after deep energetical releases. Our womb space is so deeply connected to our emotional and energetical wellbeing. By holding space for our wombs and connecting trough sacred rituals we discover what we need to heal, as we all have a different story. But you are not alone. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

Are you ready to rise?

Are you ready to tune into your divine feminine?

Are you ready to heal?

We start October 1st, on the (full) harvest moon, embarking on this journey of sacred connection.


Book your healing journey.

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The crystal ritual will be performed once, which can take from 30mins up to 1 hour. After this there is a smaller version of the ritual you can perform daily, weekly, or whenever you want to tap back into this energy. This smaller ritual doesn’t have to be more than 5mins.

There will be a 20-30min yoga class available every month, which you can repeat however much you’d like.

The monthly podcast, meditations and reiki healings will take up about 1-2hours weekly.

The online cacao ceremony with Britta will be in held November and aprox. take 3hrs.

It’s possible to make the personal investment of €111 monthly or make a one-time payment of €333.

The cacao ceremony will be recorded and available for replay, so no worries if you can’t make it in that moment!

Meditations, sharings and other live moments through Instagram will also be saved to IGTV and will be available for replays whenever you might need them.

You have acces to the Instagram sisterhood and all it’s content for the full 3 months.

Your crystal ritual packages you will have for ever, so these are sacred moments you can tap into for the rest of your life.

Not at all. In fact, this journey is perfect for you! You will be fully guided onto this journey to hold space for yourself and your healing process. If you’ve ever felt lost and don’t really know how to start your womb healing journey, this is the place for you. You will be handed all the tools and held in a safe container to unravel all your layers.

Absolutely. The journey will help you connect to your womb space and this is possible even if you use hormonal anticonception. You learn to feel what is happening in your body and what it needs, this is something that you are always able to do.