How to not leave Ikea feeling drained

Whether you are an empath or not, we all have felt drained after meeting that one friend, going into the city center, or going on that dreaded Ikea visit. Especially when you feel a lot – and so many of us do. Now luckily there are ways to protect our own energy. So we don’t take on other peoples negative energies or the dense energy that can occupy certain places. I’ll explain to you how I do it and give you a bunch of other examples, because everyone is different. It’s really about finding what works for you. So have fun with it, try a few out! The more you do these things the more they become automatic. And when these practices are something you do automatically, that’s when it really starts working! Because then it becomes something you do preventative instead of noticing your energy is being drained, and then doing the exercise. Which is basically like starting with a score of 0-1. To me my energy protection practice has made a huge difference in my life. I can now walk through Ikea without being floored for the rest of the day, and also hold space for friends who are facing difficult times without it completely draining myself which makes me a better friend in return.

How I protect my energy

  • I place myself in a golden bubble, making sure it’s reaching all around me.
  • Then I bring my awareness to my heart center and feel the energy that’s there.
  • I expand this energy that looks like golden light out, until it reaches the edges of my bubble. As the light expands any energies that aren’t mine (they look like black splotches to me) disintegrate and dissolve in my golden light.
  • Now I stand strong within my own energy and nothing else can enter this space.

Other exercises that can have the same effect are

  • Imagine having huge wings that you can wrap around yourself
  • Place an imaginary ‘screen’ between you and another person that stops the energy from latching onto you
  • Envision being surrounded by your spirit guards or guardian angels who are keeping the energies out
  • Place yourself in a big egg that keeps any negative energy from entering
  • Envision your feet being rooted in nature and everything that isn’t yours being absorbed by the earth

These are just a couple of examples. The point really is to find a way that works for you. So maybe you combine my ‘heart expanding energy’-thing with the ‘wing wrapping’-thing, it doesn’t really matter. There is no right or wrong way here, there is only your way. The trick is to keep trying until something clicks for you.

A mantra I use that also helps me greatly is ‘not mine not mine not mine’. When I can sense heavy energies and I have my golden bubble all set up, I repeat this mantra to remind my system that this is not my energy.

When you are interacting with someone else who is carrying a very heavy energy but you still want to connect with them there is an amazing exercise I do which expands from the golden bubble.

  • I picture myself in a void, where I have my golden bubble all set up (as explained before).
  • I envision the other person across from me and give them their own golden bubble (with the light expanding from the heart).
  • Then a golden cord moves up from the crown of their head and reaches the higher self of that person (an entity of light).
  • I ask the higher self if I can make contact with them and await their answer.
  • If it’s a yes (it usually is), I envision a golden beam of light coming from my heart centre.
  • Another golden beam of light is coming from the higher self of that person.
  • The golden light beams connect and through this beam you can send the other person love, hugs, energy, messages, anything.
  • When you leave evision the lightbeams contracting back to you and the higher self of the other person to disconnect again.

In this way you honor the other person by meeting them in their purest form and being able to see them for the light being they really are. It also helps you to not carry their heaviness with you and gives you a very solid moment of connecting and then after that disconnecting.

What are your favorite ways to protect your energy? I’d love to hear!

With love,


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