This is a list of the beautiful people that I’ve had the luck of crossing paths with over the past few years. All of them have touched my heart and have been an integral and important part of my healing and wellness journey. If ever you are at a loss of where to go or who to turn to, I can highly recommend getting in touch with any of the people listed below. I hope their presence will bring you the same amount of light and peace as it has for me.



Most of these people are Amsterdam based, but you can connect with them from all over the world. Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here are my favorite healers;

Albert Garcia Ordinas – Massage, Reiki and Yoga

When Albert and I first met we immediately spilled our hearts out to one another. It’s easy to see that part of myself in him that is within all of us, that part where we are all one. When he gave me a massage (which was wonderful in and of itself) I had a big emotional release. He truly works on the deeper energetical layers of the body, creating movement in your energy field so the body can heal itself.

Where to find Albert

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: / @albertgarciaordinas


Clara – Energy healing, Guided meditations and Telepathy

Whenever I’m in Bali, or anyone I know is in Bali, I send them to Clara. My first time on the Island She gave me an energy healing and without speaking a word she wrote 2 pages full with information about my life, where to grow, patterns from past lives and messages from my spirit guides. A few days later I took her course Telepathic animal communication which has taught me so much about my intuition, and how to trust the messages coming through. A magical, transformative, soul.

Where to find Clara

Offline: Bali

Online: / @clara_energyhealing

Ellen Duim – Palmistry

A couple of years ago I found Ellen through an article in Happinez and took her long-awaited (online) basic course in Palmistry. She was only teaching a 4-year program before, so this 12-week program was a great introduction. She truly is the best of the best, very clear and precise in her readings and her teachings are calm and filled with wisdom. If you want to dive into this world with her you can start by reading her beautiful book ‘Het Handleesboek’ (in Dutch).

Where to find Ellen

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: / @ellenduim.handanalyse

Eugénie van Gaver – Acupuncture and Yoga

Eugénie is a very skilled acupuncturist, having studied in one of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in China and now sharing her light with us here in Amsterdam. She is definitely not your average acupuncturist as she also works the body energetically and incorporates whatever her intuition tells her your soul needs in that moment. I’m in love with her grounded energy and feel very lucky to call her a dear friend.

Where to find Eugénie

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: @efrequencies /

Leneth Witte / The spiritual Fem – Women circles and Inspiring podcasts

If I were to describe Leneth, I would say that she is a gatherer. A gatherer of souls, a connector of hearts. When I was interviewed for her podcast we instantly became friends. She is one of those people with such a pure heart, truly making a difference in this world with her vulnerability. Visit one of her (online) women’s circles if you’re looking for some connection or community.

Where to find Leneth

Offline: Leiden

Online: / @Thespiritualfem

Marieke Pouw / Pouwerhealth – Shamanic healing, Energy healing and Spiritual activations

I really hope I have done her justice in these few words to describe what it is Marieke actually does. When I first met Marieke she gave me a shamanic energy healing, which was for me a big tipping point in life as this was the moment I realized I wanted to start creating crystal grids! I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I hadn’t walked through her doors that day. I always say, when you need a little kick in the life-butt, go to Marieke!

Where to find Marieke

Offline: Siwa oasis, Egypt and Amsterdam

Online: / @Marieke_pouwerhealth

Massage Marin – Massage

Whenever I really want to treat myself I book a massage at Massage Marin. They are focused on deeper bodywork as they also offer Reiki, Foot reflexology and other practices. Even if you book a normal relaxation massage, you can feel they are working the body energetically as well. I always book with Eefke who brings me right back into my body every time, I love how she incorporates the breath as she releases blockages from my body.

Where to find Massage Marin

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: / @massage.marin

Merle Kolf / Soul Home – Foot reflexologist and Soulful stylist

I first came to Merle expecting a nice foot reflexology session but left with so much more. This woman takes the time to fully be present with you and allows all parts of you to be. We talked for such a long time about life, lessons and wisdom and I left feeling so inspired. Also, the reflexology itself was amazing, I truly LOVE foot massages but can be very picky, Merle delivers with perfect pressure (not too light) and space to fully release and relax.

Where to find Merle

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: @merlesoulhome


Nicole Struwer / Mme Formtastica – Tarot readings

Nicole is the owner of the amazing online spiritual shop House of Formlab, which is the place to be for all your spiritual needs. But a lot of people don’t know she also gives tarot readings. Last February we joined forces when I had my pop-up store and she gave tarot readings the whole day long. The puffy eyes of the people leaving the booth said it all, she’ll bring you magical insights that are spot on. She lives and breathes magic, and her background story is a very special one. My witchy mama, I’m a richer person having you in my life!

Where to find Nicole

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: / @house_of_formlab

Roel Wilbers – Physical therapy, Meditation & Coaching

Yes, Roel! Such an amazing physical therapist who also looks at the energetical layers behind your physical ailments. Something I have missed SO MUCH in western medicine. So not to fix your problem momentarily, but really allowing for you to get to the root and leaving it behind forever. He doesn’t always tell this, but he gives his patients healings as well and is just the most wonderful person you can imagine. Next to this, he’s also a meditation teacher and coach and I always say he’s the perfect bridge translating spirituality to down-to-earth practices.

Where to find Roel

Offline: Amsterdam (Sento)

Online: /

Savine Tellier – (Self) love coach

Pure sunshine is the first word that comes up when I think of Savine, and when you meet her you’ll immediately understand why. She has a way of breaking down all the walls we’ve built around us with a simple smile. Connecting from the heart has never been easier and in her healing and coaching sessions she reminds you of the greatness inside of you.

Where to find Savine

Offline: Amsterdam

Online: / @savinetellier

Wil Zwart – Family constellations and Coaching

One of the most transformational moments of my life I have experienced during one of Wil’s family constellations. They are in dutch, so speaking dutch is necessary. I feel that at a certain point in your healing journey you’ve talked and analyzed and done all the things, and you reach a plateau. In a family constellation you get the chance to embody and live out what’s going on within, and this process was extremely healing to me. Things that I never knew about my past suddenly made sense, and I was able to close a big chapter of my past. Wil has a way of feeling the room, asking the right questions at the right moment. But trying to explain it here is quite impossible. I’d say if you feel drawn, go.

Where to find Wil

Offline: Doorn and Soest

Online: Authentic as she is, Wil doesn’t have a website, nor Instagram. But you can message me to get her phone number so you can book a session with her. She believes the people that need her, will find her, and they do!

With love,

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