This is the moment! You’ve heard about crystals or maybe have already had a taste of their powers and feel a big pull to invite them into your life. Amazing! But now comes the big question… ‘‘How do I pick a crystal that best suits me?’’. I get asked this question a lot and understand why, picking a crystal can be an overwhelming task at first! There are so many beautiful crystals to choose from, and also, places to get them. But no worries, I’m here to help guide you through this process step by step.



I would like to start off by telling you that you are so much wiser than you might think. You already have all the wisdom within you, I’m just here as a reminder.

My personal preference is to visit a crystal shop. This will allow you to hold each crystal and tune into its energy. If this isn’t possible for you right now, there are a few great online shops as well to get your crystals from. At the bottom of this post, I will list a few of my favorite places, online and offline. The tools from this post are best applied in a shop, but you can still use this guide for choosing crystals online too.

Step 1 – Check in

Check in with yourself. Take 3 deep breaths. How are you feeling? What is moving through you? It’s necessary to take a moment to connect to the body, to silence the mind and make space for our intuition to be heard.

Step 2 – Glance

Take a quick glance through the shop, try and return to your breath and see where you’re naturally drawn to. The body knows what you need. Are there crystals that immediately catch your eye? Go there.

Step 3 – Pick

Sometimes it can feel like you’re just magnetically pulled back to a crystal over and over, or you catch your eyes just looking at the same crystal again and again. This is a sign! If you just think that a crystal is really pretty when picking it, that’s okay too. There’s a reason behind why you think it’s pretty. The way I see it, that’s the universe luring you to the crystal you need. Don’t overthink it.

Step 4 – Hold

When you’ve picked a crystal or two, hold each crystal in your hand. Maybe place it to your heart and check in. Again, the mind can step in here, when you feel this happening take a deep breath and bring all your awareness to your hand holding the crystal. Notice what feeling arises. Does it feel heavy or just empty? – this isn’t the one. Does it feel light, warm or good, do you feel a connection? – this is your crystal.

Step 5 – Decide

When you’re torn between two crystals but only want one, hold one in each hand. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself ‘’which crystal do I need’’. Trust what arises! You know. Your body knows.

Step 6 – Lessons

Don’t forget to write down or remember the name of the crystal to look up what kind of energy it carries, this can be so much fun! Grab your favorite crystal book or search the name online and see what lesson this crystal is showing you.

Even though I strongly encourage you to try and pick a crystal this way, as this will help you further develop and trust in your intuition, It is also possible to start with the last step and work your way up. If there is a certain theme in your life that you would like some support in you can see which crystals are compatible. There are some great books out there to help you with this, my personal favorite is Crystals for healing by Karen Frazier



So where do I go now?

• Stenelux and De Roos – Both beautiful shops in Amsterdam

• House of formlab – Online shop with beautifully curated crystals and other spiritual items.

The Spirit Junkies – An amazing online shop with loads of beautiful crystals to choose from.