Confession time! I spend a lot of my time on instagram. Being a small bussiness owner it’s a wonderful tool to connect with others and share what I do. But because of this, I sometimes stay on the app longer than I’d have to.

Knowing this, I started rethinking what I’d like my online space to look like. Was it a place that brought me joy? Were the people on there inspiring me? Or were they on there just as a courtesy because we took the same class 10 years ago?



I started making hard cuts. This was MY online space, no one elses. Every single person that wouldn’t bring me joy -even if they were ‘inspirational yoga people’- had to go! A cleanse à la Marie Kondo.

Now, I myself unfollow, but if this step is one too big for you just yet; instagram has the option to ‘mute’ someone. If you go to their profile and click on the 3 dots you’ll find it there. You’ll still be there as a ‘follower’ but their messages won’t show up in your space anymore.

For me the first people to go where; models, ‘influencers’, fitness accounts, old acquaintances (sorry, not sorry), companies that I would maybe buy a bikini off of one day and just people I didn’t vibe with anymore. For a few weeks everytime I scrolled on instagram I asked myself ‘does this account bring me joy?’. More and more, with every unfolllow, it became a place that truly brought me joy .

Right now my online space is filled with artists, close friends, musicians with a message, modern mystics, authentic yoga teachers, creatives of all sorts, inspirational speakers and brands with a sustainable mission. So whenever I enter this online space, there is close to no ‘junk’, nothing that makes me feel less, nothing that -if I’m being honest- really doesn’t interest me and nothing ‘stealing’ my sacred time. Instead when I go there it’s exactly the message I needed to hear, it’s a friend that does something that makes me proud of them and it’s an artwork that inspires me to pick up my brush. I can’t tell you how many times being on ‘the gram’ has led to creating art for me. Because there’s just so many damn people that inspire me to create too!

So let me challenge you!

Today, when you’re scrolling through instagram.. unfollow! Anyone who doesn’t serve you in this space you can let go of. Actually, let me rephrase; Anyone who doesn’t serve you in this space YOU ARE ALLOWED TO UNFOLLOW! Really. And if it feels good, keep doing it. Keep doing it until it’s a sacred space to you. See how you can make this online space work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Also be mindful of your clicks and scrolls, the algorithm is designed to show you more of what you are giving your attention to. So don’t spend your precious time on your ex’s instagram page, instead, spend it on (and comment/like) the accounts that inspire you.

And note that it is OKAY to enjoy your time on Instagram, it is a wonderful platform that lets us share what brings us joy and lights up our hearts. You’re not a mindless endorphin junkie for enjoying your time online. Feeling joy when using the app may also be a sign that you are, in fact, using it correctly. It’s not always one big scam, and it’s up to us to be mindful of the time we spend online and regularly check in with our feelings, needs and desires.

With love,