When I was younger I remember pulling angel cards with my mother, in moments where we wanted to have clarity, or sometimes just for fun. You see my mother is a medium, a woman that sees, feels and hears ‘more‘, as we would say. This was a lot of fun in my teenage years growing up as you can imagine. Coming home she would ask me ‘’so, who’s this blonde guy you’re seeing?’’, without her ever having the possibility of knowing about this blonde guy! Luckily I have gotten away with a few escapes through the window (don’t  tell her;)), and also I have learned a valuable thing or two with her as my mom. One of these things is when pulling an oracle card, to always pick it with your left hand. The left side of the body is the intuitive, feminine side. Picking a card with your left hand will help your rational mind (right side) to stay out of the matter.



In my practice I incorporate card pulling almost always. I use different decks when giving Reiki healings, crystal grid workshops and sometimes even have my students pick a card after a yoga class. And in our home, almost every transition, every difficult question comes paired with an oracle card. Having the practice of pulling oracle cards can help nudge you in the right direction. They are messages from the universe to help you trust in what you intuitively already know. I’ll give an example; after a Reiki healing I always sit down with my client and talk about the things that came up during the healing. There is space to process and often times there’s a strong theme coming through. Now it is one thing to hear me tell you what I have felt and what could be a healing next step and having that resonate with you, but it is something totally else to then pull a card which exactly confirms what was just talked about. At a lack of a more elegant way of putting it: It’s a slap in the face by the universe letting you know that it is time to work on that shit. But most importantly, it is their way of telling you that they have got things covered ‘upstairs’, you can lean into the learning, this is the right next step.

Pick your deck

When you have different card decks at home you can try and feel which deck is the right one for that moment. Let your intuition guide you here, and if that sounds a little vague; try and see if there is a specific deck that keeps popping up in your mind, or catch your eyes just wanting to return to one deck. I will link a few of my favorite decks below, these are the ones I return to again and again.

When you’ve chosen your deck it is time to pick a card! This is how I do it:

Shuffle your deck mindfully and with awareness, then knock on the deck 3 times while saying your name (or the person’s name you’re pulling a card for). This will let your energy sink into the cards. If there is a card that falls out of the deck while you’re shuffling it; this card has a message for you. Don’t put it back but see what it has to tell you!

Now spread the cards out evenly and ask your question or state what you would like guidance in (i.e. ‘‘How should I go through this next phase in my life?’’ or ‘‘What is my lesson in this situation?’’). Don’t be afraid to get specific, this helps! Hover your left hand above the cards. You can first go over all the cards and then feel if your hand is magnetically pulled in a direction. Other signs are a warm feeling in your hand, tingling sensations or the feeling of ‘wind’ blowing, etc. For me usually one of my fingers starts twitching when it’s above the right card, this is different for everyone though so stay open for the little signs. What works for me might work differently for you so don’t get blindsided by how you ‘should’ do it, feel what works for you!

Grab the card that speaks to you, don’t overthink it too much.

You can start by picking one card, but if you’re feeling a little fancy you can also do a spread. A very famous one is the past-present-future spread, where you pick one card for -you guessed it- the past, present and future. Giving you insights in where you came from, what process you are in at this moment and what you are moving towards. Know that spreads like this don’t predict the future, they will only tell you what you are moving towards in this moment, you are always in control to change this. Simply by becoming aware of your future path, already changes its destiny. It is up to you if you want to keep course or take action. In the booklets of the card decks are most often also different spreads you can do with your cards, I’d say play around with these and don’t be afraid to experiment.

My favorite decks:

  • Wild unknown animal spirit deck

    This deck is a powerful deck filled with spirit animals. Next to finding the otter as my very own spirit animal, it has also held up a mirror in my less graceful moments plenty of times. When I’m in the fearful rabbit energy it is not afraid tell me exactly that, reminding me I can be better. Next to their guidance it is also a lot of fun to me to keep discovering different spirit animals and their meanings.

  • Magical Messages from the fairies

    Now this deck, funnily enough, is a deck that is more Alessandro’s (my partner) than mine. For some reason whenever he pulls cards from this deck they are just always so spot on. As I feel like a bit of a fairy too sometimes (I have the ears to fill the part), I like to think us fairies are just very much attracted to- and in tune with this guy. Next to this, this card deck by Doreen Virtue is just amazing. The look is charmingly and slightly outdated, and all the fairy illustrations are definitely a dream.

  • Inner Compass cards

    The Inner Compass cards are the cards I use during all crystal grid workshops. They are beautifully illustrated in a very minimalistic way and totally have their own vibe to them. Definitely the deck you want to get for the modern mystic in your life (and maybe that’s you ;)).

  • Inner compass cards – love deck

    By the same creatress, Neel van Lierop, this new deck came out just recently. A beautiful edition all about love and relationships in the broadest sense of the word with the same modern design.

  • Dreamy moons affirmation cards

    This deck is slightly different from the others. Instead of a short message and a longer description in the booklet, these cards only hold affirmations. Affirmations are sentences you say as if they are already happening, as if they are already reality. By saying these affirmations you can manifest these realities in your life! Super powerful and fun to start your day with on the right tone.

  • Kuan Yin Oracle

    A new deck in my collection by Alana Fairchild. I have the pocket edition, which is super nice to take with you while traveling. This deck is guided by messages from the divine feminine. A heart-opening deck leading you to a place of inner peace.

  • Pagan otherworlds tarot

    If you’re feeling like you want to step up your game in this area, tarot cards are the way to go! A whole different ball game as there’s a sacred system behind them, but very fun to dive into if this is sparking something from within you. The pagan otherworlds by Uusi is the deck I have and is just beyond beautiful. It also comes with a nice booklet helping you discover the meaning behind the cards. Another nice deck to start with is the traditional waite deck and a book that explains it all very well is Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea.

Now if you don’t have a deck with you right now and feel called to pull a card, here’s your digital fix!Ask for guidance from the cards and notice which one you feel intuitively drawn to. Scroll down to see the meaning of your card! (These are from the Kuan Yin Oracle card deck)


Happy card pulling to you all!

With love,

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