How do you know you are walking your path?

Our bodies are incredibly smart and are not afraid to tell us when we are not walking our path. When you are going in the wrong direction in life your system will do it’s very best to let you know. You fall and stumble, generally just being very clumsy. You hurt yourself, get an injury. You feel tired all the time, get sick or maybe even find yourself in a burnout all of a sudden. When these things happen it is best to thank our bodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being wise, for showing me the way, for taking care of me when I couldn’t. It is in this surrender, that things will start to soften.




When we are walking our path you’ll notice being in a state of flow. Of course you put effort and energy in the things you’re creating, but it gives you energy in return as well. There will be ‘coincidences’ happening all the time (there are no coincidences), it’ll seem like life just comes easy to you. Amazing opportunities will arise and you’ll meet just the right people, at just the right time. This is the universe collaborating with you, this is the expression of the divine through you. The whole world is a happier place when you choose to express your gifts, and it’ll do its very best to support you when you do.

But how do you get from one to the other?

A question I have pondered a lot, and I don’t have the one answer for you here. All I can offer you is my experience within this journey. What I have found is that finding your path, your passion, your life’s mission, starts with curiosity. Chasing the things that make your heart jump from happiness, as that’s where your magic lies. Look at the things you loved to do as a kid (but maybe was told it’s not good enough, pretty enough, sensible enough). Heck, for all I know you loved building treehouses and your heart is asking you to please do this forever and ever. Follow this. Trust it. And if you were ever waiting for someone’s permission to do so, here you have it. I give you permission to follow your heart. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer, we were made to have fun. We are allowed to enjoy the things we do. So let’s!


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When you know your thing, and usually deep down you already know – Yes! The thing that popped in your mind just now! -, it takes courage to choose this path. Having the courage to really choose ourselves and our own happiness (and trusting that the universe collaborates when you do). It takes looking your deepest fears in the eyes, saying: ‘I see you. I acknowledge you. You are allowed to be here. But I’m gonna do this anyway.’ Because when you start to walk your path, everything else will fall into place. And the moment you make this decision (and really put it into action) you’ll see that so many of your fears will fade away. Our minds can make things much bigger than they ever really will be, trust me, I’ve been in this exact place. And for me, making this decision was the best thing I could’ve ever done.

We are all lovingly waiting for your gifts to be expressed. The world is meant to exist with them in it.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

I believe in you,

p.s. Know that you are allowed to evolve, your path can twist and turn as your heart flutters from one love into another. Always tune in to the truth of this moment. What has worked at one point may not work anymore, and that is okay. What is working now? What brings you joy right now?


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