The Crystal Grid Guide

Creating your crystal grid art piece fully from your intuition? This guide gives you all the tools to have a magical experience in the comfort of your own home.
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Creating your crystal grid art piece fully from your intuition? This guide gives you all the tools to have a magical experience in the comfort of your own home.
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Do you want to...

• Deepen your knowledge of crystal healing

• Feel empowered to trust your intuition

• Learn how to create your very own crystal grid art piece?

When we create a crystal grid we hold space for messages of the universe to come through. It is a beautiful way to meet your soul on a deeper level and support it in reaching that next level on your souls path.

You have access to this guide for life, so you can create an infinite amount of crystal grids! It includes a 20min video explaining everything you need to know before you start creating your crystal grid and an intuition meditation to create from your heart’s knowledge.

Instead of heavy theory, this guide invites you to discover what the crystals hold for you. It encourages intuitive learning and guides you on the path to actually create a crystal grid from your soul. No cookie-cutter crystal grids here.

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The Crystal Grid Guide

• The Crystal Grid Guide
• The introduction video (20min)
• The intuition meditation (10min)

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The Crystal Grid Guide + Reiki and Reading

The Crystal Grid Guide
The introduction video (20min)
The intuition meditation (10min)
A nurturing Reiki healing (long-distance)
A 1:1 channeled reading to uncover the messages of your crystal grid

Now as a bundle deal only €199

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Trust your inner wisdom

In this guide, you will be fully supported in the process of creating your very own crystal grid art piece. Crystal grids are powerful tools, by placing crystals together their energies unify and synergize. A crystal grid can be a portal for messages of the universe to come through when we create from our intuition. In this guide, you will be handed all the tools to trust your inner wisdom and have a transformational experience.


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Get your crystal grid guide here


You have:

A guide with all the information you need, guiding you through the whole process.

The introduction video with the information you need before you start creating

The intuition meditation to listen to before selecting your crystals, and creating your crystal grid.

You can read all the information in the guide on your own pace.

The video takes about 20 minutes and has all the information you need to start creating your grid.

For the creation process of your grid (when you have already sourced your crystals) it takes about 2 hours, including glueing.

Everything can be done in your own time, there is no start or end date.

Everything is lifelong! So once you have purchased the guide you can use it over and over again to create as many crystal grids as you’d like.

The best place would be your local crystal or esotheric shop so you can hold and feel each crystal.

Don’t have a shop nearby? No worries! I have included a list with all my favorite online crystal shops.

I know that for some of you this is an investment. Know that you are investing in yourself, and when you take the decision to do this for yourself is when you can undergo deep transformation.

If this offer is calling you but you are not possible to pay, please send me a message so we can take a look at our options. It is very important to me to be able to share this magical experience with everyone who feels the calling.

Of course you can share this experience with a friend, just know that redistributing and/or reselling the video, intuition meditation and guide is not allowed.

I am a small business owner, please be mindful that when you love and connect with the things someone creates to support the artist accordingly. Everything is an exchange of energy!

However, you can of course share little snippets of any of the content with your friends and/or on social media!

This is a beautiful way to support me (for free!) and help me share the magic of crystals with more hearts!

Share your creation using the hashtag so I can see them all!

If you are sharing this experience with a friend make sure it is someone you feel safe with. Someone that allows you to open up and share.

Because creating a crystal grid with the right people around you can be a beautiful experience!

This is not a problem at all! The intuition meditation is a very easy to follow guided meditation, you don’t need any meditation experience.

The first section of the guide is dedicated to give you a good understanding of crystal healing and is a great foundation to learn and grow from.

Creating your crystal grid could even be a beautiful first step on your spiritual journey. It will help you to get touch with your intuition and trust your inner wisdom.

Congratulations! You have just carried a part of your soul into the light in such a beautiful way. Give your crystal creation a spot of honor in your sacred space!

Want me to do a reading on your created crystal grid? Get the bundle or contact me for availability, I have limited spots every month.