It's time

To play

To create

To explore

To enjoy

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A sacred moment in time devoted to your inner artist

This is a retreat for anyone longing to create. To be held, to be pampered and to simply have some fun.

You bring your own art or project to work on during the day. In the morning, afternoon and evening there will be a program tailored to nurturing your creativity. If you want a break from your personal project there are also other fun and creative exercises available.

Give yourself the time and space to…

work on a passion project

create a beautiful painting

write that book

sculpt the next David

form your newest concept

Whilst lighting a spark in your creative heart

The goods

• Outdoor movie night

• Ceremonies and sharing circles

• Ecstatic dance

• Nature walks

• Photoshoot to capture your artist soul

• Lots of time for free creation

• Gentle morning yoga

• Divinely nourishing meals

Join now

The practical stuff

There are shared rooms and private rooms available. If you share a private room with a friend, you both get a €200 discount. Email me if you want to do this hello@withcaressa.nl.

You have full access to my artist studio which holds easels, a sculpting bench and some basic paint, sculpting and drawing tools.

Other (specific to your art) materials like paint, clay, canvas, etc. you bring yourself.

Included are 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners. Incredibly nourishing food for mind, body and soul.

We will be fully surrounded by mother nature herself at Caressa’s new retreat centre Het Ware Noorden which is located at the heart of De Veluwe in Voorthuizen, The Netherlands.

We start Thursday July 27th at 10:00, and end Sunday the 30th at 17:00

What does that look like?

An example of a typical retreat day
8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Yoga / energy exercises

10:00 Creation time

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Walk in nature

14:00 Creation time

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Cosy outdoor activity


(Re)treat yourself


Not at all! This retreat is open to all people longing to create. The concept is ‘bring your own art’, but there will also be a lot to do and create if you don’t have a bigger project that will take you a lot of time.

This retreat is a creative playground designed to nourish your inner artist (aka your inner child). This creates fertile ground to work on any project that needs you to be creative. So are you working on a concept for your next online program? Or do you want to create a new structure for your business to thrive? These are all things you can bring to the retreat with you.

As long as you come with an open mind this is not a problem at all. The yoga will be gentle and mainly energy focused, meaning we do exercises to work with our energetic system, something everyone can do. It is a great container to experience spiritual practices that can support you on your creative journey.