Do you hear voices too? Feel feelings that are not yours? Know things you really couldn’t? These things happen to us when our intuition is clear. Clairvoyance is the act of perceiving things beyond the five senses, and we all have this ability.

Claire is French for clear, and she takes on many different forms. There are 7 different ways for us to perceive beyond our ordinary world. We all have at least one that is present within us, dormant or not, but very often we experience a mix of the Claire’s. Which ones do you recognize?

  1. Clairvoyance – clear sight
    When you see scenes, colors, textures, images, sights, or objects.
  1. Clairaudience – clear hearing
    When you hear sounds, words, sentences, music, or lyrics.
  1. Clairsentience – clear sensing
    When you feel sensations in your body like tingling, warmth, pressure or vibrations.
  1. Clairgustance – clear taste
    When you taste things such as sweet, sour, bitter, etc.
  1. Clairempathy – Clear emotions
    When you feel emotions in in your own experience or outside your body like anger, happiness, and peace.
  1. Clairalience – Clear scent
    When you can smell ordors and scents.
  1. Claircognizance – Clear knowing
    When you know from deep within certain truths or they suddenly appear in your consciousness.

I have always had claircognance present within me, knowing certain truths from deep within without being able to explain. One moment that I remember distinctly was when I first went to university, we were all assigned a mentor and from the first assembly I just knew who mine would be. However, when I received my schedule which read the assigned mentors mine said I had someone else. I felt very confused,  I just couldn’t believe it, because I knew that she was going to be my mentor! Later that day I walked into my mentor group’s class room and it was her sitting there. Confused I said ‘I think I have the wrong room’, ‘Group 9?’ She asked. ‘Yes’. ‘Then come on in!’ She exclaimed. It was such a funny moment because I remember the distraught sensation when I thought my feelings were off. And then the relief when I found out it was just a mistake in the schedule. But I’ve also experienced moments that were not as light, seeing an image (clairvoyance) and knowing someone wouldn’t be with us anymore at a certain moment in time for example.

My most beautiful experience has been developing my clairaudience. This journey started when I first created my crystal grids. After creation I sat down to receive the message from the crystals. In the beginning this was more wisdom based, going off of the qualities I knew certain crystals had. But soon enough the crystals started speaking to me. Sentences and messages started coming through… I was channeling. Now, the messages come through faster than I can write, it has become like second nature to me. Easy enough, because this is our nature.

When you want to develop these different senses it is important to trust what comes through. Don’t wave anything away as nonsense, random or weird. Maybe even keep a book or note in your phone with the moments you sensed something so you don’t forget. When we start to honor these senses, and especially when we act on them it’s like a muscle getting stronger and stronger every time you use it. Create stillness for your intuition to come through and listen. If this is something that is hard for you know that just by reading about these things, something within you is activated, remembered. These abilities lie within you. Yes, you.

Have you ever experienced any of the Claire’s? If so, which ones? I’d love to know!

With love,

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