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Be safe, held and protected as you journey into the deeper layers, as you heal ancestral trauma. You are the silent awakening, the time is now. Your crystals like a loving arm wrapped around your shoulder, reminding you of these words forever echoing in your mind; I am safe. I am healed. I can do this. The universe only hands us what we can take. Endless peace is waiting for us on the other side.

Crystals: Zebradorite, smoky quartz, onyx and clear quartz.

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What you receive:

• A pouch containing crystals connected to your grid, to tune into its energy wherever you are
• A sustainable, locally- and handmade wooden frame
• A channeled message from your crystals

The grid is 50x50cm (19.7×19.7 inch).

All crystals used are energetically cleansed. I also recommend cleansing your grid from time to time. Not sure how? Check out this blog post I wrote!


Frame options:

The frames are beautifully hand-made by a talented local maker. Made from sustainable and locally sourced wood and painted with non-toxic, sustainable paint. Thus ensuring the highest vibrations filling your sacred space, taking you one step closer to mother earth magic. The frames come in a white and bare wood option.

Sustainable – White


Sustainable – Wood

  handmade sustainable wooden art fram crystal grid art with caressa

Additional information
Weight 2.595 kg
Dimensions 50.0 × 50.0 × 4.0 cm

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