Celestial being – Large


You are a celestial being. Connect to the magic that is within and all around you. A strong connection to and communication with your angels, your guides and the divine will be invoked by this grid. It cleanses and balances the chakra’s, turns negative energy into positive and heals all around creating a pure channel. Tune in.

Crystals: Celestine, lemurian quartz, moonstone and clear quartz

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What you receive:

• A pouch containing crystals connected to your grid, to tune into its energy wherever you are
Your framed crystal grid artpiece
• A channeled message from your crystals

The grid is 50x50cm (19.7×19.7 inch) and comes in a white frame.

All crystals used are energetically cleansed. I also recommend cleansing your grid from time to time. Not sure how? Check out this blog post I wrote!

Additional information
Weight 2.595 kg
Dimensions 50.0 × 50.0 × 4.0 cm

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