Crystal infused water wand – Harmony


h a r m o n i z e | p u r e | p o s i t i v e  e n e r g y

This wand is filled with the famous golden triangle. Amethyst for spiritual protection and peace, rose quartz to invite in a soft and loving energy, and clear quartz, the master healer, inside. The energies of these 3 crystals are a beautiful vibrational match, they bring an abundance of harmony and positive energy when used together.

Water absorbs the frequency and healing powers of crystals. When we drink this crystal infused water that information is absorbed into and stored in our cells, a very powerful experience which can even be more potent than placing a crystal directly on the body.

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Rinse the crystal wand thoroughly and place in water for 15-30 mins. You can use crystal infused water for drinking, to add to your bath, as an aura or room spray, as mouthwater, and much more.

*Don’t use mineral water with the crystal wand. Be careful with holding the wand as you pour your water to prevent it from breaking.

** This product is not meant to treat any disease. In case of an illness always consult with your doctor.



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