Fibonacci water glass – Set of 2


v i t a l i z e | c h a r g e | r e s t r u c t u r e

These glasses take their shape after Fibonacci’s golden ratio, making it an energetic match for the natural flow of energy and growth. At the base is a 23,8 carat golden flower of life symbol. The flower of life is one of the most powerful symbols from sacred geometry symbolizing all life in the universe. Use these glasses at home or in your practice (healers, therapists, etc.) to elevate the energy or gift it to someone who can use some extra prana in their life.

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Comes in a set of 2 glasses!

Holds 250ml. The water is vitalized after 3 minutes of being in the glass and will stay so for an entire week. Revitalized water shows a six-sided crystalline structure corresponding to increased levels of energy and life force. The glass is mouth blown and consists for 40% of quartz sand and is therefore a high energetic medium.

*Washing your glass by hand is preferred.

** This product is not meant to treat any disease. In case of an illness always consult with your doctor.


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