The Crystal Grid Guide


In this guide, you will be fully supported in the process of creating your very own crystal grid art piece. Crystal grids are powerful tools, by placing crystals together their energies unify and synergize. A crystal grid can be a portal for messages of the universe to come through when we create from our intuition. In this guide, you will be handed all the tools to trust your inner wisdom and have a transformational experience.

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What’s included:

• The Crystal Grid Guide

• The introduction video (20min)

• The intuition meditation (10min)

Please note: Crystals are not included in this guide


What we cover in the guide:

• A full deep dive into crystal healing, the next time you walk into a crystal shop you’ll immediately know which crystals correspond with which healing themes!

• What actually is a crystal grid and how does one work?

• Inspiration and tools that guide you to your intuition

• Two different ways of creating a crystal grid and a full step by step guide on how to do this

• Where to find all the materials you need to create your crystal grid

• Tools to understand the messages and symbolism hidden in your created art piece


How is this guide different from The Crystal Grid Masterclass?

The Crystal Grid Guide takes you by the hand as you make your own crystal grid from the comfort of your own home. It is the digital version of Caressa’s signature Crystal Grid Experience, including; an introductory video, intuition meditation, playlist, and step-by-step guide to help you along creating a crystal grid attuned to your soul’s path.

The Crystal Grid Masterclass dives into the theory behind crystal grids, the meaning of different shapes and symbols, the shapes of crystals, crystal energy dynamics, and sacred geometry. It’s a beautiful tool if you long for more knowledge behind your crystal grid practice, or if you want help in interpreting the meaning behind your intuitively made crystal grids.


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