The Crystal Grid Masterclass


Crystal grids are powerful tools to bring energy to where it’s needed. There are crystal grids for love, manifestation, peace, or to reflect your souls path… you name it! The crystals are here to support us on our worldly and otherworldly endeavors. In this masterclass you learn everything you need to know when creating crystal grids. The meaning of symbols, sacred geometry, crystal shapes and how to create one that is in alignment with your unique energetic system.



How is this masterclass different from The Crystal Grid Guide?

The Crystal Grid Guide takes you by the hand as you make your own crystal grid from the comfort of your own home. It is the digital version of Caressa’s signature Crystal Grid Experience, including; an introductory video, intuition meditation, playlist, and step-by-step guide to help you along creating a crystal grid attuned to your soul’s path.

The Crystal Grid Masterclass dives into the theory behind crystal grids, the meaning of different shapes and symbols, the shapes of crystals, crystal energy dynamics, and sacred geometry. It’s a beautiful tool if you long for more knowledge behind your crystal grid practice, or if you want help in interpreting the meaning behind your intuitively made crystal grids.


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