The world of crystals can be overwhelming -I’ve been there-, there are so many beautiful pieces out there, but how do you know which ones to work with? What helped me understand crystals better was when I started looking into how they relate to the chakras. This helps put them in bigger overlaying themes, which in turn makes it easier for you to know which crystal to turn to in times of need!

Chakra’s are energy centers in the body, they represent different emotional healing themes that you can work with. Each chakra has their own color, this color is the greatest tool we can use when working with crystals. Let’s take the first chakra as an example! The emotional healing theme (grounding) is the same for the red (base) chakra and most red crystals, so this gives us a good indication of what kind of energy a crystal carries. Of course this isn’t true in all cases, but when we just start working with crystals this is the foundation we can build and learn from.


Home within


Muladhara – The base chakra

The first chakra is red and located at the base of the spine. This chakra is most present during the first 7 years of your life. This chakra is the base of your system, grounding you into the earth. Its themes are stability, trust, security, feeling at home within yourself, grounding and life force or vitality.

Corresponding crystals

The main colors associated with this chakra and these themes are red, brown and black.

Such as: Red jasper, agate, smoky quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, onyx, garnet, petrified wood, obsidian and ruby.



Svadhistana – The sacral chakra

The second chakra is orange and located at the center of your lower belly. You move through this chakra from age 8 till 14. This is the center of creativity and pleasure and this chakra is connected to the element water. Themes for the sacral chakra are fertility, sensuality, creative expression, pleasure, intuition and feeling connected to the moon.

Corresponding crystals

The crystal color for this chakra is orange.

Such as: Moonstone, carnelian, orange calcite and coral.



Manipura – The solar plexus chakra

Our third chakra is yellow and sits right above the navel in the upper part of your belly. From 15 until we are 21 is when we move through its energy. Connected to the element fire, this is our powerhouse and from where we let ourselves shine. Themes for this chakra are willpower, expansion, self-esteem, sharing your gifts with the world, joy, optimism, self-worth and energy.

Corresponding crystals

Look for yellow or gold crystals when working with these themes.

Such as: Citrine, gold, tiger’s eye, gold topaz, amber and yellow aventurine.



Anahata – The heart chakra

This fourth chakra is green and is located in our heart center. When we are 22 until the age of 28 is when we move through this chakra. This chakra governs all matters of the heart. It also connects the lower three chakra’s (body and emotions) to the three higher ones (mind and spirit), transforming and integrating their lessons into higher vibrations. This chakra vibrates with love for all that is, including yourself. Its themes are love, self-acceptance, self-love, relationships, empathy, acceptance and openness.

Corresponding crystals

The color green and pink represent the themes of the heart chakra.

Such as: Jade, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, kunzite, aventurine, peridot, green or pink tourmaline, rhodonite, emerald and moss agate.



Vishuddi – The throat chakra

The fifth chakra is blue and located in our throat. We move through its energy from age 29 to 35. It is from where we communicate with others and speak our truth. It is from where we create consciously (as opposed to the intuitive creation of the second chakra). The themes are communication, understanding, calmness, clarity, self-expression, truth and independence.

Corresponding crystals

Light blue colored crystals (and some darker blue ones) are connected to the themes of the throat chakra.

Such as: Aquamarine, blue chalcedony, celestine, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise and blue calcite.



Ajna – The third eye chakra

Your sixth chakra is indigo colored (royal blue) and located behind the space in between the eyebrows. At age 36 until 42 we move through the energies connected to this chakra. Our inner wisdom comes from this energy center. Its themes are insight, intuition, spiritual awakening, imagination and connection to the spiritual world.

Corresponding crystals

Crystals with a dark blue color and some purple crystals are connected to the third eye chakra.

Such as: Lapiz lazuli, purple fluorite, amethyst, sodalite, blue or indigo sapphire, azurite and blue apatite.


Sahasrara – The crown chakra

The seventh and final chakra is violet colored and is located at the top of the head. We energetically move through this chakra when we are 43 to 49 years old. This is where we are one with all. All the energies of the chakra’s move up the spine and culminate here, resulting in spiritual awakening. The themes of this chakra are awareness, higher consciousness, connectedness to all, deep wisdom, divine connection, purification, magic, mystery and freedom.

Corresponding crystals

All purple, white or colorless crystals work on the crown chakra.

Such as: Amethyst, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, apophyllite, selenite, lepidolite, white agate and petalite.

So when there are certain themes coming up in your life, you can always return to this cheat sheet and easily see what crystals will be a sure hit to work with. The more you start to work with your crystals, the more you’ll dive into its subtleties, let this process flow naturally.  See this information as a rock-solid (yes, I made a punny) foundation to play and learn from. Have fun exploring!

With love,

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